Tuesday, August 11, 2009

uh oh

Amy over at Rainy Saturday posted about her summer to-dos today, which led me to the startling discovery that I'd completely forgotten about July's list. Eeek.

Well, now it's mid-August, so it's definitely time to fess up.

Finish the spring summer cleaning. 

I actually made significant progress on this one. The spare bedroom/office is not only usable now, but it's also very organized and functional. Yay me!

Done and done! Check out our latest posts and shop updates here.

Accomplish something else from our Amazing 2009 To Do List.

We're working on the read-the-same-book item. Husband recently picked up a book I've already read this year and I can't wait to see what he thinks.

Purge unused and unnecessary items from our apartment. 

Success! We donated a bag of clothes and linens, as well as a bag of misc household items.

Make three more new recipes. 

As you already saw today, I've mastered the art of Chocolate Chip Treasure Cookies. Even though I technically made them in August, they still count, right? No? Crap. Well, I can't remember much about my culinary endeavors for July, but I'll do a much better job of documenting my experiments in August. Promise.

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