Friday, August 28, 2009

go bump in the night

We have a routine in our home in the mornings. Husband or I open the bedroom door two find two baby cats waiting patiently for breakfast. As soon as the door cracks open, they immediately start meowing — which I choose to believe is their way of saying, "Good morning!" instead of "Where's my breakfast?!"

A few days ago, the routine was different. Scarley and Ellie were in their usual spots outside the door. But they didn't make a sound.


I proceeded into the bathroom and moments later Husband discovers what they were up to. I hear, "You guys are baaaaaaad."

Needless to say, they didn't need to meow for their breakfast. And we had to buy more cat food.

Those two are bad news.


  1. Gramp says it's good when your kids get their own breakfast. :):):)

  2. Bahahaha, that is awesome! I already thought Scarley was a genius for knowing which cupboard contained her food, but this is way beyond that -- smart babies!