30 by 30

Completed tasks are in orange. 
In-progress tasks are in green.

1) Eliminate half of my student loan debt.

2) Go down south for a week. 

3) Volunteer for something that makes a difference. 

4) Grow my little family. 

5) Invest more. 

6) Join a book club. 

7) Try a new activity. 

8) Take a cooking class. 

9) Buy a house. 

10) Write more. 

11) Learn to use my SLR camera. 

12) Buy adult furniture. 

13) Read all of my hard-cover classics. 

14) See more of the world. 

15) Take a course that will make me better at my job. 

16) Take a road trip with girlfriends. 

17) Make yoga part of my regular routine. 

18) Build something. 

19) Donate blood. 

20) Edit our wedding videos. 

21) Dye my hair. 

22) Attend my 10-year high school reunion. 

23) Do a 10k run. 

24) Plant flowers and landscape my yard with success. 

25) Dust off my trumpet.

26) Try surfing.

27) Institute an actual moisturizing routine. 

28) Sew more. 

29) Get CPR and first aid certification. 

30) Be thankful for my family and friends every day.