Thursday, August 27, 2009

key chaos

Well, and actually, it's not just keys. It's a certain wallet and cellphone, too. Because men don't tend to carry purses, they're forced to jam all of these necessary accessories in their pants pockets, and upon arrival in their wives kitchens, they empty said pockets on top of the microwave. This leaves little scratches on the microwave. Or these items are left on the counter in front of the microwave and will then need to be moved before the microwave can be used.

This has been cause for debates of varying length and intensity.

So this weekend, I am going to be proactive and develop a solution. Husband suggested some sort of basket or bin, but after a quick Google Image search, my mind's racing with a variety of suitable storage options, like these:

What do you do with your keys, mail and other frequently needed items when you walk in the door?


  1. Your grandfather mostly leaves his stuff in his pockets and I take it out after I wash his pants.

  2. haha I think I'd get in trouble if I put Husband's cellphone through the wash!

  3. I have one a telephone stand with one of those mirrored plates from the Black Market, medium-sized. Shiny!