Monday, August 24, 2009

not me

— I would not suggest to Husband that he make iced coffee in the martini shaker and then proceed to get a little upset completely freak out when the shaker fell out of the freezer and exploded coffee all over the kitchen. I am always a calm and understanding wife.

— I did not wish for Hurricane Bill to slam into Halifax. I did not hope that our city would be in shambles, just so the power would go out and we would get Monday off work. That's just crazy talk.

— I did not say to heck with the bus and drive the car to work today, even though Husband and I agreed that we'd both take the bus. I did not park without paying. I would never needlessly waste gas to avoid the bus or unnecessarily risk a parking ticket.

— I crafted, blogged and worked on projects all weekend. I'm not completely behind on pretty much everything I'm working on. I never over-extend myself to the point when pretty much nothing gets done. I also finish each craft/blog/project before starting another one, to ensure efficiency. 

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