Sunday, August 9, 2009

crafty sunday

I spent a relaxing afternoon crafting with lovely friends H and S today. I had no idea what to work on, but when we made a quick supply stop at Fabricville and, in the middle of the clearance aisle, I was struck with inspiration.

Husband and I got this lovely espresso-coloured ottoman as a wedding gift from brother and sister-in-law B and C.

But much to my disappointment, the kitties liked it as much as we did, and this happened:

I love it so much, and every time I look at it, I'm sad that the exterior has been scratched up.

So, with some patient measuring and cutting, I crafted a little slip cover for it. This way, by removing the cover, it's still functional as a storage piece.



  1. Omg! It looks great!! :)
    xo Cee

  2. Oh, it turned out so well!!! Good job -- I never would have had the patience :)

  3. It looks great!!!