welcome, friends

Oh, hi!

Here I am, nestled on the east coast of Canada, in a warm three-bedroom house with Husband, toddler son Jacob, baby-to-be and our bad cat, Scarlett.

I spend my Monday-to-Friday as a special features editor at my city's largest daily newspaper. When I'm off the clock, I trade my sensible heels for yoga pants and enjoy life as a wife and mum.

I write about my life here, which as you can see in the archives, is full of phases. Some days I wear my working girl hat, other times I'm being a Martha, and half the time I'm writing with not much purpose at all. Oh, lucky you.

I really love the simple pleasures -- playing outside with my family, watching bad tv with my girlfriends and snuggling up with a good book and a big cup of coffee.

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