Friday, August 7, 2009

lemons to lemonade

Being poor is just a good excuse to get creative, as far as I'm concerned. Husband and I certainly don't go without, but we're trying our best to save money all the time. That said, it's Friday and I can't stop thinking, "What are we going to do tonight?"

Instead of being bummed that we don't have expendable income for an out-on-the-town date tonight, I put my thinking cap on and here's what I came up with:

— Go to one of the many city parks we've never visited and play catch (with a tee ball instead of a real baseball, of course, since Husband thinks I'll miss the ball with my glove and get smoked in the face ... but that's another story).

— Cook dinner together and enjoy a slow, relaxing meal, instead of eating on the run like we often do.

— Get dressed up in our summery best and walk along the boardwalk, taking in the Buskers Festival. I'm usually not a big fan to touristy crowds, but it beats sitting inside on a warm summer evening.

— Take a drive around neighbourhoods where we'd like to live one day and dream up future plans.

— Have a board game marathon. We're currently addicted to Blokus.

— Make coffee, tea or smoothies, put them in travel mugs and take a stroll around our neighbourhood. 

— Visit the library and browse the books. Pick up a few free DVDs while we're there too.

— Teach each other something new. I've been wanting to teach Husband to play cribbage. He wants to help me with my golf game.

In just a few minutes I came up with enough activities to last the whole weekend. What do you do for free on date night?


  1. We do the drive-around-neighbourhoods-and-look-at-houses thing all the time! We love it!