Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bridal inspiration

My lovely bride-to-be friend S is putting her craftiness to good use as she prepares for her upcoming wedding. Like me, she's financially savvy and we're having a ball coming up with ways for her wedding to be million-dollar elegant on a wallet-friendly budget.

The before and afters speak for themselves. Here is the before of the card box Husband and I had at our wedding. In my defense, it was a last-minute purchase and I had a lot going on in the days leading up to the wedding. Oh, I know, it's hideous.

Using the eggplant and lilac colour scheme from her own wedding, S picked up some fabric and pretty embellishments and ended up crafting this:

What an amazing improvement! Well done, S!


  1. wow! you're friend must be super talented. AND good looking!


  2. and she obviously can't spell your...

  3. er...your...and I'm sure she's a better speller teehee.

  4. ugh..I thought that second comment didn't publish. maybe i should stop screwing around and get back to work lol.

  5. It turned out so well, S!!! Yay!