Monday, February 28, 2011

not me monday

— I have not, yet again, half unpacked our extremely-packed walk-in, storage closet and spread the mess all over the spare room. My blood pressure does not rise when I think about the sheer volume of stuff that needs to be shoved back into that small space. I will definitely come up with a real solution. Today.

— I would never just throw a bag of garbage outside the front door instead of walking out and putting it in the can. I don't just pass it off as man's work and expect Husband to deposit the refuse when he gets home.

— I did not foolishly wear my new spring-time-appropriate boots out today even though it is very clearly still winter. I did not slip in the Zellers parking lot, landing less-than-gracefully on my knees. The couple walking near me didn't cringe at my fall and then raise their eyebrows at my inappropriate footwear. I did not make that last part up.

— I would never gently poke Husband several times, whispering "I can't get back to sleeeeep" after a longer-than-usual night feeding for Baby J. I felt really bad about disturbing him while he rubbed my shoulders as I nodded back to sleep.

— I did not completely scrap my yard sale plan in favour of donating all of the unwanted clothes, books and miscellaneous items out of our house. I have not had it up to here with the unwanted clutter. Peace out junk.

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  1. I'm selfishly glad to hear you scrapped the yard sale plan. I donated all of our crap, because I didn't have the patience to wait for a yard sale. Hooray to getting rid of stuff, however we have to do it!