Sunday, February 6, 2011

what a sin - day 5

It's day 5 of the seven deadly sins series: Greed. Today, we list seven worldly material desires. Hmm ... well I sort of listed some of my worldly material desires in my Envy post, so I'm going to use this post to dream really big ... like genie-wish big.

1) More time in the day. Who wouldn't like an extra hour or two each day to spend relaxing, laughing with friends and loving with family? Save the chores for the first 24 hours.

2) A big lotto win. OK, I know it'd be pretty impossible for me to win the lottery since I never buy tickets, but maybe I could miraculously find one on the sidewalk with all the right numbers?

3) A private jet for all of my luxurious, jet-setting adventures. You can come with me, though; I'm not that greedy.

4) Personal hair stylist and make-up artist who would come to my home each morning and make me look polished, fresh and ready for anything.

5) A walk-in closet full of designer clothes and shoes that all fit me perfectly.

6) Unlimited access to the freshest ingredients, gadgets, cookbooks, and all the time in the world to cook and bake for friends and family. I get the hostess gene from my Mum.

7) Lastly? I'd like more wishes, of course. This is all about being greedy, right?

Here's what you've missed, and what's to come:

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