Monday, March 7, 2011

making the cut

Have you seen our son's hair?


He had almost a full head of dark hair when he was born. Within a few months though, he got an awful case of cradle cap, and as we combed out the flakes of dead skin on his scalp, lots of those perfect little baby hairs came off too.

I'm his mother, so of course I find his baby mohawk totally adorable. But I'm starting to get annoyed when strangers in public smile and laugh, "I love his haircut!" Really? Do you think I'm actually the kind of mother who would give her 5 month old a mohawk?

So, reluctantly I agree with Husband admit that it might be time for a little trim. I keep putting it off, but now that the bald patches are starting to fill back in with soft, fuzzy re-growth, maybe we should even it up.

What do you think? Too early for a hair cut?


  1. Ohh, his mohawk is so cute! But I think a haircut could also look adorable. He's definitely not too young -- if he's blessed with enough hair to cut, I'd say go for it. Think of the adorable "First Haircut" photo ops!

  2. I say, keep it! So what if a few mommys think it's purposeful? I think it's cute, and I'd keep it as au natural as possible for as long as possible. Just think of what he'll say when he's 16, and first taking out a girl and you bring out these hilarious photos to show her. Priceless. And PS - those mommy are just jealous; they don't have the guts to have such a cool 'do on their kid.

  3. I'm not gonna lie, I laugh out loud at children who have natural mohawks! :)