Friday, October 16, 2009

home homework

I bumped into a friend on the bus recently and we had a lovely catch-up chat. She's a newlywed and just moved into her first house. It's a very exciting time for her and I was thrilled to hear all of the details.

I often ask lovely work friend J about her new home. She and her hubby have a stunning house and I envy her when she talks about decorating, painting, landscaping and buying furniture.

I'm also very aware that having a house of our own will mean a lot more responsibilities than our apartment — snow-shoveling, lawn-mowing, wall-painting, little-things-fixing, big-things-fixing ...

But with the extra responsibility come the added perks — like more square footage, less carpet, outdoor space, decor freedom ...

Chatting with my home-owning friend reminded me that it's not as simple as signing on the mortgage line. Bankers, brokers, realtors, lawyers — there's so much involved! I now have a new energy to get on the ball when it comes to these matters. While we're not quite ready to dive into real estate just yet, I want to be prepared when it is time — hopefully not far in the future!

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