Wednesday, October 28, 2009

come on in

When we have a house, I want to create a spacious, yet cozy, entryway/mudroom for our family and our guests.

With a comfortable bench —

With some pretty decor —

With some baskets and bins —

With some convenient organizational aids —

With some perfectly placed hooks —


  1. Oo... I like the corner unit at the end. That's really different and could work in small spaces. Well, I love all the pictures. That's just probably the only one I could do in my apartment.

  2. I love benches! My Husband and his Uncle are making me one for our new place. I am extremely excited.

  3. I'm currently attempting to find a bench for my "entry way" (read: the hallway and landing outside my condo that I share with only one neighbour) and am having a world of trouble. It's a fun hunt, though!