Thursday, October 1, 2009

fall decorating on the cheap

If I were rich, I would walk into Michaels and buy all of the super cute, pre-made fall decor items that I love. I am, and this may come as a total shock, not rich. So, I've been flexing my creative muscles to come up with some cheap and free alternatives.

I did a quick Google image search for leaf outlines, printed them, cut them out, traced and cut some more. The inspiration for this idea was this image (source unknown, unfortunately) —

This is my fall version —

At the Farmers' Market last weekend, I picked up a little pumpkin and a squash gourd, and some lovely dalihas to start the decorating process.

So far, I've spent about $6 of my $20 budget. Now that it's Oct. 1, it might be time to break into the Halloween decor. Hmm .. what next?


  1. Love your leaves. And you too. :)

  2. Those paper leaves look great! Definitely put up the Halloween stuff, too -- it's October, now!

  3. I love those paper leaves.... how creative and festive! One of my favorite decorations to buy was a bail of hay and corn stalks for my front porch. It usually only cost me about $10 for it, and it just screamed fall to me!