Thursday, June 18, 2009

weekly date

Making our own little traditions is one of my favourite parts of being married. Husband and I have started a new little ritual — visiting the library on Monday nights. It's all part of our money-saving plan. A few books and movies provide a week's worth of free entertainment.

If you aren't currently using your local library, you're missing out. The movie titles are just as current as in the store. This week we picked up Becoming Jane, Drillbit Taylor and Twilight. Blockbuster = $6 each. Library = free!

I visited a new section this week — the cookbooks. Why didn't I think of this before? Rather than buying them, I can check them out of the library, experiment with some recipes and write down the ones I like for future reference. This week I'm trying out Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Low-Carb Cookbook. I'm already planning the next week of veggie-friendly, high protein meals. 

Between watching movies, reading and cooking, we've got plenty of free entertainment for the week. What do you do for fun that's free?


  1. What a good idea! We should start doing that, too.

  2. ooh fun i may have to get on this idea... but i bought an irewards card... so maybe after that expires! i wonder how the lib in st. john's is...

  3. I'm scared to go to the library because they're going to pounce on me for overdue fees! We like to do a Thursday dinner date where we cook food and eat a sit down meal together at home with a glass of wine. It's not 100% "free" but it's a cheapie and it's nice to sit and eat together since we rarely do it during the week. We do a lot of outdoors stuff--basketball, frisbee, and catch.