Monday, June 29, 2009

nope nope nope

— I always remember my Not Me Monday posts. I didn't forget to write one last week.

— I did not mistake tsp. for tbsp. when adding dill to my Zucchini Loaf over the weekend. I did not feel the need to re-name the meal Dill Loaf. I will definitely eat all of the dilly leftovers.

— I do not put my bare feet up on the dash when I'm in the passenger seat, and it doesn't leave footprints on the windshield of the car. And Husband doesn't find this annoying. He loves it.

— I do not take whole weekends off from blogging. I post faithfully each and every day. 


  1. hey girl, stopped over from sits...cute blog! i definitely do not put my feet on the dash either! =)...btw, those journals you won....ADORABLE!

  2. Haha, I think "dilly leftovers" is my new favourite phrase.