Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i've been told

The scene: In bed, lights off, just about to fall asleep.

Husband: Please be careful how you sleep tonight.

Me: What?

Husband: Last night, Ellie kept licking my face, so I put her between us to sleep. You kept moving around, and then you rolled over right on top of her! You could have smothered her.

Me: Oh dear. (Hiding my grin under the sheet.)

Husband: Just don't do it again. (Totally serious. Mostly.)


  1. Don't fret. Ellie will have you trained before you know it. :-)

  2. hello! i came across your blog through 20 something bloggers. i really like your blog! keep up the good work!

    oh and i've read time traveller's wife and i can't wait until the movie comes out either!!