Monday, June 8, 2009

b is for better

We weren't joking around at last week's craft night ... and I think this photo illustrates what I mean ...

It had been almost three weeks since HH and I crafted, so we had to seriously make up for lost time. While she and her sister L worked diligently on mixed media frames for their mom's birthday, I took on a painting project of my own.

Remember my botched B

I decided to give it another go. And the second attempt wasn't better. Actually, I think it's probably worse.

Barf. What's wrong with me? 

But then HH pointed out the C she has hanging in her kitchen ...

... and my inspiration was renewed! So, I broke out the red.

And about 849 coats later ... 

And a little sandpaper around the edges gave it a bit of distressed feel.

What do you think? Better?


  1. Definitely better. Nicely done!

  2. I liked the first brown version but the red is a smidge better :)

  3. I like the red. Maybe you could use a white rub on with flourishes on one corner of the B to get something similar to the first one you painted.

  4. Ooh! Love it! I'm glad me and my "C" could inspire you.