Friday, June 26, 2009

opposites attract

We've had Ellie for almost 5 weeks, and though we weren't sure how Scarlett would manage with our new addition at first, we're sure now that they were meant to be sisters. But the more Husband and I talked about it, the more we realized that they're really nothing alike. For instance:

Scarley is big. Ellie is small.
Scarley is dark grey. Ellie is white.
Scarley likes to sleep under the bed. Ellie sleeps on top.
Scarley takes her time eating her food. Ellie inhales her food.
Scarley is slow. Ellie fast.
Scarley's fidgety. Ellie likes to cuddle.

Maybe it's true that opposites attract.

Don't they look pleased to be having their picture taken?
Cameo by sister-in-law C.


  1. So cute. I wish our cats would get along that well. Opposites don't attract for them.