Friday, June 5, 2009

june goals

How on Earth is it June 5 already? Where's the fire, 2009? 

May was crazy, filled with goodbye parties, house guests and social functions. I blinked, and it was over. 

Now, with 30 25 glorious, and hopefully sunny, days of June stretching out ahead, I've decided to make a firm to-do list of everything that must be accomplished. At the very least, by making it public, it'll guilt me into getting it done.

— Craft with HH and launch our Etsy shops. We've managed to meet once already, but there will be several more craftapaloozas required to get Magenta Revolution officially up and running.

— Accomplish at least two things on our 2009 Amazing To-Dos list. We haven't done any of these yet! Shame on us! We do have one camping trip planned already this month, so we're well on our way.

— Organize all of my craft supplies. Paints, fabric, paper, embellishments, ribbon ... it's exploding out of every drawer, box and bin in our spare bedroom. Every time we have house guests, I have to ram it all in the closet, out of sight. This is not working. Something has to be done.

Oopsie, got a little distracted there for a minute ...

— Try at least 3 new recipes. We've been in a food rut lately. Pasta, pizza, burgers, Chinese .. it's getting pretty boring. Anyone have a must-try recipe to suggest?

— Truly finish the spring cleaning (since it's pretty much already summer). This includes window washing and cleaning in the annoying places, like the space between the counter and the stove.

If I can get through these things, while also attending several evening meetings and events, going away for two weekends and sleeping through the night, I'll be pretty proud of myself. Husband, put on your project hat!


  1. Can I just put on my project glasses and watch you do it instead??



  2. Oooh, I'd love to have a craft room like one of those.