Tuesday, May 5, 2009

thank you for being a friend

As my fellow bloggers can relate, it's always nice to realize that you have readers — all three or four of you .. that's right, you .. I love you all. 

When I started this blog, it was a total secret. I wanted to try it out before I shouted it from the rooftops. Then I slowly started to leak the URL to family and friends. Eventually I posted the site on my Facebook page; added a twitter feed. And just the other day, I started calling myself by my real first name.

I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see comments from newcomers, and I get especially excited when I see names repeat — regular readers! In fact, in less than three months and 135 posts later, like a hamster on a wheel has hosted almost 3,000 unique visitors! Can you believe that?

OK, I use the term "regular readers" loosely. A few of those repeat offenders are friends and family. But hearing that they enjoy what they read is one of the big reasons I continue to write.

Recently, I was out to dinner with lovely friends A, T and J, when T asked, "What did you do this weekend?" And before I could really answer, she pointed out, "because you didn't post any new blogs." I was pleasantly surprised to find that she's a regular reader! And when T and I start to talk about recent posts, A promptly covers her ears, for fear we'll spoil it before she has a chance to make her daily visit to the blog before bed.

Or like last week, when sister-in-law C gave me a huge grin, held up her purse, and said, "Look!"

I cocked my eyebrow at her ... "What?" 
"It's last year's summer purse!"
Incase you're new here, I recently wrote a post about re-using last year's summer purse, in an attempt to be financially responsible, instead of buying a new one.

How fun is that?! I've paid it forward! 

So here's the unique part of this post. It's your turn! I want to know what you think — what would you like to read more of? I know this blog is a pretty random hodge podge of ideas, but if there's one topic that stands out, let me know. Got a question for me? Fire away!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats on all the unique visitors! So exciting!

    I would like to see more of your "interior-decorating-on-the-cheap" posts. You have such good ideas!

  2. I like it just the way it is :)

  3. I would like to read more about your friend T. She sounds lovely. I heard she was pleasantly surprised when she read about her recent appearance in your blog.


  4. I just want to say that I came across your blog, and it was one of the first I read, and I am hooked. I love reading about your cost cutting, how you reuse things, and make the most of what you have and try to be creative. Because of you I did a huge purge in my closet, I have plans to refinish the furniture in my bedroom since I also can't afford a new bedroom set, and actually you helped me just rethink my opinion on things. I was annoyed at not having a house yet, not having my loans paid off yet either, and now I am just looking at it from a different perspective, and realizing that where I am isn't so bad, and that there are lots of options if I just open my mind a little and get creative. Thank you for your blog, I love reading it!! Keep it up!