Monday, May 4, 2009

hidden treasures

I had my first real flea market experience over the weekend — it was AMAZING! Husband and I made the four-hour drive to visit with my in-laws and help them out with a few projects in their new home — more on that later! — so mom-in-law and I took a quick break to check out a flea market that is just walking distance from their new home. 

I found a few treats to bring home, like these great Dominion glass power line insulators — that we are now using as doorstops — for $2.50 each.

And more than three metres of this fun fabric for ... wait for it ... $0.75! YAY!

MIL also bought me a cute little dessert dish in my favourite shade of yellow that I'm going to use to keep jewelry in on my dresser. 

Flea markets are my new fave! Lucky for me, every time we go to visit, we can go bargain hunting for hidden treasures.


  1. where was the flea market?

  2. Where the big fiddle is .. I don't even know the real name of the building! It's on every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.! You should check it out!