Sunday, May 24, 2009

ask and ye shall receive

I blogged the other day about how I should never be without a project. Don't you agree? Well, my lovely friend J heard my plea and answered my prayers with this bad boy:

No, not the Scarley cat. This toy box/storage chest belonged to lovely friend A when the three of us lived together once upon a time. Now, five years and many roomies later, dear J is moving away to another province and has cleaned out five years of accumulation in that apartment, and she gave me this. Surprise, A! I have big plans for this baby ... just wait and see. Muuuhhhahahahaha!


  1. Toy box!!!!!!!!! Is the project called Baby B?

  2. haha you wish!
    I think it'll actually be a "toy" box — for board games, cards, puzzles, etc.!

  3. Oh, I like that idea ALMOST as much!