Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i tried it: fail

I'm not one to buy into gimmicky things. So, when I went to buy a new tube of mascara recently, I went directly toward the CoverGirl Lashblast — simply because it was recommended by sister-in-law C the last time I bought mascara, and I agree that it works well.
But when I got to the display, I noticed the Exact Eyelights, which comes in varying shades for different eye colours (both tubes cost the same). 

I knew about this product from America's Next Top Model. Now, I'm not saying that's the entire reason that I bought it, because I'm fully aware that the CoverGirl promotions during that show are most shameful, but I'm not going to lie, the segment on the show intrigued me. 

So I picked up the wand for blue eyes, and the results? Less than stellar. The mascara itself is tinted blue. A MAC makeup artist once told me that if you have blue eyes, you shouldn't wear blue eye makeup. Didn't CoverGirl get that memo? And while I enjoy the hint of metallic, I find it makes the mascara flake off easier, so if I rub an eye, I'm dealing with specks of colour and smudging the rest of the day. It also doesn't cover as well or lengthen as much.

Maybe you've had a better experience, but if you want my advice, skip the gimmick.


  1. I have Eyelights for green eyes, and it's tinted a plummy reddish colour (apparently CG has done their colour wheel homework when it comes to greens and reds). I like the metallic-ish-ness of it too. I didn't find it worked wonders for my eye colour, but my fiance commented my eyes looked "sparkly"...then again, he was with me when I bought the stuff, so he was probably trying to come across as knowing a lick about makeup :) I found it flaky too. 6/10!

  2. Tisk Tisk I know my mascara, you should have trusted me haha jk But really though, sharing great make up finds are what sisters are for :) hehe

  3. I haven't tried the tinted ones, but I tried that LashBlast and hated it! Threw out a practically full bottle because it was globby and WAY too much came out on the brush. I use Maybelline Full and Soft and have really been liking it.