Monday, May 11, 2009

the brown thumb gardens

Gardening definitely isn't my forte. I've had my share of failures, but I'm not a quitter! So lovely friend A and I trekked to Walmart over the weekend to pick up some budget friendly, apartment appropriate gardening supplies.

I needed to do something to bring my lone living room plant back to life. She's been looking kind of droopy ...

So I got her a pretty new pot that is about double the size. 

The old soil was looking pretty dry and dusty, but the new dirt is thick and moist.

I loved the old pot and didn't want to get rid of it, so I got another plant. Notice I just call them "plants" ... I have no idea what variety they are, which also means I have no idea if I'm actually caring for them properly ... not exactly setting myself up for success here. The new one didn't have a tag of any sort to indicate the species. I guess you get what you pay for when you buy plants at Walmart.

But at least it's lush and green:

And here she is in her new home:

Not bad for a couple hours and $25. So far, success!

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  1. Ooh, very nice. I am not a gardener either -- rotted many tomatoes on the balcony of my old apartment -- but it would be nice to have an indoor plant.