Friday, March 13, 2009

what would martha do?

Let me preface this post by saying I'm not a Martha Stewart fanatic like some people are, but I do give her credit where credit is due. That woman is crafty. That said, when it doubt, you really must ask yourself, what would Martha do?

This might have been the most productive craft night to date. We already had the materials we needed, so we set straight to work. HH already had her dining room table set up in her living room for our matching Singers.

I started with pillowcases. I bought some light yellow cotton with a bit of stretch in it to make cases for our spare bedroom. As I was preparing to cut the fabric, I asked HH if she thought I should just fold over the bottom, to avoid having to sew that third side, or if I should cut all the way around and do three proper seams.

At this, she promptly ran to her linen closet and whipped out a genuine Martha Stewart brand pillowcase — which, of course, had three perfectly stitched seams. "What would Martha do?" We had our answer. Once I had the case together, it seemed a little dull, so it was HH to the rescue again with some lovely ivory satin ribbon that her mother-in-law gave her. Here's the end result:

Thanks to the Fabricville sale, our spare bedroom now has coordinating pillowcases for less than $2 each. Success.

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