Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the randomadness is here!

Husband and March Madness are here! Wife asked me to do a guest post because she thinks you might be interested in what I have to say. Since I don't know much about home decor or organizing things, I'll blog about basketball and what better time than now since the randomadness starts today! What's randomadness you ask? Well, it's a brand new term that I just came up with to describe the randomness that is March Madness. 

You see, there are millions of March Madness lovers out there, all of them counting down the minutes until the tip-off of the first of 64 single-elimination, high-paced, electrifying games. Can it get any better?? As a matter of fact, it can! No doubt, at least 99% of the fans following this tournament will have filled out at least one tournament bracket.

So by now you're probably thinking that I'm an expert on "bracketology." Well, you're wrong. I know my basketball, but there really are no experts when it comes to filling one of these things out. I used to think it mattered how much you knew about the teams, their opponents, their offense, defense, coach, winning streak, mascot, etc. ... it truly makes no difference. The seeds rank from 1 to 16 (four regions) and just as long as you don't pick the 16th seed upsetting the No. 1, then you have an excellent chance of picking a better bracket than Dick Vitale himself. Seriously. I'll even do it for you. I'll set up a completely random bracket to go along with my other one (three actually). Maybe wife will even let me post another guest blog after April 6, so you can all find out which bracket won.

Speaking of wife, she and I have had a contest going for five years now, which we like to think of as our little tradition. The goal: see who can pick the best bracket. The 2009 stakes: dirty chores! If I win and pick more games correctly than her, she has to take out all the garbages/recyclables for a month (one of my many, many chores). If SHE wins, I have to scoop Scarley's litter box for a month (she's a stinky girl!! Scarley ... not wife haha). Anyway, we're both very excited about it and don't tell her this, but I'm also a little scared. I don't like scooping poop. Wish me luck!

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  1. Great post! It's nice to see Husband blogging!