Thursday, April 14, 2011

writer's workshop

What do the contents of your handbag/purse “say” about you?

Well, maybe we should define the word handbag. For the past (almost) seven months, my purse has been subbed for a diaper bag. Then in February, my boys bought me a treat for Valentine's Day ...

So now I alternate between an actual diaper bag, my big-ol' Lulu bag, and an actual purse. I'm sure you have a pretty good idea what's in that diaper bag, and my purse usually only contains my wallet and cellphone — when Mama has a chance to go out without diapers, she's gonna go as minimal as possible. So for today's writer's workshop, I'm giving you a fascinating slightly frightening glance into my busting bag.

1) Baby stuff. It's inevitable. A couple diapers, a travel pack of baby wipes, a package of disinfecting wipes for cleaning down public highchair trays and the like, a teether, J's favourite monkey toy and a genius Fisher Price Mom Hook that works like a carabiner to strap my bag to strollers and carts.

2) Me stuff. My little bride bag with make-up must-haves (including Cove Girl mascara, a black eye pencil, MAC mineral powder and blush and Cover Girl cover up), four sticks of lips stuff (including Nivea balm, Burts Bees lip shimmer, Rimmel London sweet jelly gloss and a Bonne Bell Lip Shades that hasn't been on the market in about 10 years but I love the "chocolate frosting" colour so I can't bare to throw it out), a Tide-To-Go pen, dental floss and at least one extra hair elastic at all times.

3) Practical stuff. Wallet, coupon wallet (more about this amazing little find to come!), and three-year-old, $5 Old Navy sunglasses.

4) Misc. stuff. Pens. I'm a writer so I always have about a half a dozen on hand at all times. Also in this category is that little black and yellow implement. It's a multi-use, purse screw driver! I got it from my Mum in my stocking this year and it's already come in handy a few times.

5) Reading material. This changes from time to time. Right now I'm toting a copy of The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship by Lisa Verge Higgins.

I'm also realizing there are a few items missing here, including my cellphone and my keys. These are the items I misplace most often too. Go figure.

So what does all this stuff say about me? I'm definitely a multi-tasker. Do you cast any judgements based on what I carry around all day? What is the most useful/weirdest item in your bag?

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  1. I love that I finally have a purse ... for the past 9 years it's been a diaper bag, too. I love the idea of that little screw driver ... that would be so handy! :)

    Visiting from Mama Kat's :)

  2. This is just like me. My purse always turns into a combo diaper bag/purse/whatever else I need to carry at the moment. Thanks for adding a new book to the long list of ones I would like to read.

  3. Swiss card in my purse is my NUMBER ONE lifesaver. My parents got it for me in Germany when they were living there. That and the diecast THomas or Lightning Mcqueen always saves the day and stops the tears.

  4. I was so happy the day that I finally got rid of the diaper bag and was able to get a real purse, sadly now it is filled with kid snacks the occasional sippy cup. The glamourous lives of moms!