Tuesday, April 5, 2011

weekend round-up

  • For the second weekend in a row, Husband and I actually found time to watch a movie (Shutter Island ... pretty good!). I think we're getting used to sleep deprivation this parenting thing.
  • We're finally back into a comfortable sleeping schedule around here. And it feels so good. I dare not say more about it for fear of jinxing us completely.
  • We went for a lovely family walk at a near-by park on Sunday. I'm using it to kick-start some serious exercising (coupled with healthy eating, of course). Jacob and I got out for a two-hour walk/run yesterday, followed by lots of errands this morning, which if you've ever lugged around a 20-pounder in a car seat, you know is a work out in itself.
  • Finished most of the remainder of the spring cleaning. In my frenzy of scrubbing, I also rearranged the living room furniture, and Husband and I sat down and finally worked out a detailed monthly budget to start saving more aggressively. Organization in our home and in our wallets = so satisfying.

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  1. Hi Lindsey! It is Suzie the Foodie here to tell you you won a coupon for bagels! Please send me your address: sueridler (@) gmail dot com

    Congratulations! :)