Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ten on tuesday

It's time for ten on tuesday (read: I'm on vacation and this is the best I can muster for a post. Forgive me.)

1. How many blogs do you read every day and what are they? (I’m talking the ones you NEVER miss)
I'm currently subscribed to 53 blogs in my Google Reader. Some I like more than others. I read them all in the feed on a regular basis, but I look forward to several in particular -> See some of them in my blog love list and I think you will love them too.

2. How many “best friends” do you have? Do you have different “besties” for different areas of your life?
I'm so thankful to have many outstanding friends. The very best know who they are. I have a unique relationship with each one. Plus, they all know so much about me, and like me anyway! Aren't I lucky?

3. What’s your daily make up routine?
Usually nothing at all. I try to remember to moisturize my face after each shower and that's often as far as it goes.

4. What is your ideal girls' night?Being together, somewhere comfortable, with yummy snacks and drinks and lots of laughter and quality conversation.

5. Do you keep up with your nails/toenails or are they au natural?My fingers have been au natural since Jacob was born. The kid puts everything in his mouth, and that often includes his mama's hands. I did give my toes a quick coat of pink a couple of weeks ago when the weather was nice and warm. It's wearing off already. If I can find time to take the polish off, I doubt I'll take the time to re-paint them.

6. What’s your best roommate story (assuming you had a roommate at some point in your life)?
One memory that always makes me smile — one afternoon when we were sick and tired of studying, lovely friends A and J and I flipped on 13 Going on 30, shoved the coffee table out of the way, and spent hours learning the Thriller dance. We rewound that scene over and over until we had all the moves down pat. Nothing like procrastinating with a couple former cheerleaders.

7. What’s your “go to” outfit that you wear more than anything else?Jeans and T-shirts. Reitman's comfort fit "leggings" jeans are awesome. So comfy.

8. Do you have a beauty secret?Ha. If my hair is in any other state besides ponytail, I'm doing pretty well. Don't look to me for beauty pointers of any kind.

9. Did you read Seventeen magazine growing up?You betcha. And YM, remember that one? Those were followed by Glamour and Cosmo. Now I read Today's Parent. Ahh, the evolution.

10. How did you learn to put on makeup?
I've never actually been a huge makeup wearer. I don't think I had a need for a makeup bag until I was in university, so I guess I learned from watching friends, or reading tips in the magazines mentioned in #9.