Friday, April 1, 2011

scrub a dub dub

I made a self-imposed April 1st deadline for my spring cleaning to-do list ... Guess I'm the April fool.

1) Clean windows inside and out. Done! And there's a stimulating Try It Tuesday coming your way about this. Get excited.

2) Wipe down walls. Done! I used Kirkland wipes from Costco to buff around door knobs and light switches. It's one of those little things that I'm sure Husband most people won't notice, but it makes me feel better.

3) Scour both bathrooms. I tried, but we have some seriously stubborn soap scum happening in our tub. The all-natural cleaner I have isn't doing the job. I'm going to have to bring in reinforcements. Do you know of any DIY solutions to help?

4) Deep clean the kitchen. To do. I swamped out the old food, but the inside of the fridge still needs to be cleaned. The floor is in need of a good scrub, too.

5) Flip all mattresses and change bedding. I washed the quilt on the spare bed and our alternate quilt for our bed. I haven't had the heart to pack up our fluffy, snuggly duvet just yet. Mattresses have yet to be flipped.

How's your spring cleaning list coming along?


  1. Spring cleaning? What's that?

  2. I fear that my "spring" cleaning has knocked us right back into winter!