Monday, April 18, 2011

growing by the minute: 7 months

Vital stats: We weren't scheduled for a doctor's visit this month, but we were there last week anyway ... more on that later. Our boy is still growing like crazy and around the 95th percentile for both weight and length at 20.5 lbs. and 28.5 inches.

Milestones & firsts: When Jacob is on his belly, he tries so hard to get on all fours. It's ridiculously adorable and so sad at the same time because he wants to do it so much, but gets frustrated when he can't. Any day now, little man!

He sits up like a total pro — no wobbling or falling over, and can sit back up from a reclined position. If he does tip over, he's done it on purpose so he can scramble on his belly and roll around after toys.

Believe it or not, Jacob has decided that now he likes soothers. He'd always refused them, but since I bought a bunch early on, they've been a part of his toy collection and he'd use them as teethers or projectiles. Then, out of nowhere last week, he picked one up and started sucking on it. Weird.

And I swear it's a miracle, but Jacob has also decided that he'll accept breast milk in a bottle now! After wasting many, many ounces of pumped milk in our attempts to help him learn, he's finally got the hang of it. That, in addition to solid foods, makes it easy for Muma to get away for longer stretches, which is a wonderful development.

Teeth: One! Well, one little nub that's pushing its way through. We can see the top of it, but it hasn't completely emerged.

Speech: Ba ba ba ba! Da da da da! Ga ga ga ga! Talk talk talk! Jacob loves the sound of his own voice and babbles on and on all day. Sometimes I joke about needing ear plugs, but I seriously love it. Friends and family tease me when they see how much of a talker he is ... wonder where he gets that from? As much as I say, "Ma ma!" to him though, he still hasn't really got the hang of that one yet.

Zzzzzzz: Our sleep schedule has been about the same as always. Sometimes his exact bedtime/awake time varies, but generally we can rely on him waking for the day exactly 12 hours after he's gone down for the night. So far, he's still having at least one feeding during the night (sometimes two if he's restless for some reason). This month, I'm hoping to start weaning him off his nighttime snack. Any advice?

Om nom nom: Giving Jacob new foods to try is so much fun. His reactions are priceless as he gobbles up what we're offering, or scrunches up his nose and sticks out his tongue in protest. Over the past month, he's enjoyed peaches, green beans, peas, and teeny tiny pieces of chopped up chicken and blueberry pancakes that he can feed himself. He's not a big fan of oatmeal, and does not like pears, but Mama is sneaky and mixes them with peaches and then he doesn't mind them so much.

Likes & dislikes: Jake loves getting out and doing things. We get shack wacky if we're cooped up in the house too long, so we go for long walks to the library or run errands in the car.

Jacob's favourite toy lately is the TV remote. He has a whole bin of toys in the living room, but he'll protest if you try to take the remote away from him.

Our little exhibitionist loves being naked. He squeals and kicks his feet when he knows he's headed for the bath. He acts silliest when I let him play on the floor or on our bed in just a diaper.

Although he might make a little strange at first, Jacob loves when we have company. Visits from family this month were definitely on his "likes" list!

Challenges: I don't think there's a more delicate way to put this — constipation. Our poor little guy has had a terrible time with digestion over the past month, hence the trip to the doctor last week. In addition to lots of fibre-rich foods and water, we're also using an over-the-counter remedy as directed by our doctor, which seems to be doing the trick. We're so happy that he's feeling much better.

With added mobility come some changes around here. Husband lowered the crib mattress down one notch because Jacob is now able to partly pull himself up on the sides. We've also mounted the video monitor's camera on the wall so its safely out of reach. We'll be in official baby proofing mode soon.

Special moments: Long fits of giggles and belly laughs when Daddy and Jakey chase Muma or I chase after them. Lighting up when Daddy comes home from work. Watching him play happily with special friends, like A. Big open-mouth, slobbery "kisses" and hugs.


  1. Those pictures are GORGEOUS! I especially love the soother one -- he looks so proud!

  2. He's adorable. I like these baby updates!

  3. Wow, what a thorough summary of your cutie's development! I look forward to experiencing and witnessing those same things with my little one in the coming months!