Tuesday, September 1, 2009

try it tuesday

This edition of Try it Tuesday is dedicated to everyone I know who thinks they aren't crafty. All you really need is a little creativity to turn something plain into something pretty.

I started with this shelf:

It's a nice looking shelf, but it was plain and boring. I knew I wanted to turn it into something special.

It's amazing what you can do with a few coats of paint, a couple new baskets and a little stamp action — I got too excited in the revamp process and forgot to take some in between photos .. oops!

Now, you try it! Before you cast something aside, think about the difference a few alterations can make.


  1. Aughhhh -- I LOVE IT! I remember that shelf, it was really solid. What a great reno!

  2. What was wrong with the black? And if I was art directing this project I would definitely use a skull instead of a flower. He he he... jk I love it. Good job crafty lady

  3. Wait...you didn't explain how you turned the fat gray cat into a skinny white one.
    - Husband