Friday, September 18, 2009

if kitties could talk

If your pet could talk, what would you want to know?

I had to check in with Husband on this particular prompt, because I was sure he'd have opinions of his own.

Me: What if Ellie and Scarley could talk?

Husband: Squirrel.

Husband and I decided long ago that our kitties — Scarley in particular — don't have much of a short-term memory. In fact, we think their brains re-set every 5 minutes.

But if they really could talk, I'd ask them both about their pasts — though they were young when we brought them home, they both lived somewhere else first. That always makes me curious.

Oh, and I 'd ask Ellie where she hides all of my hair elastics.

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  1. Lola hides my hairclips under the bed in a little pile. I call it my shrine. You should check under the bed!

  2. I would love to talk to my kitties for a day. I adopted both of mine from the Humane Society so it would be interesting to learn about their past... and I would ask them what they thought of me. What do they like that I do for them? What would they like more of? What scares them? Which treat flavors do they actually like the best?

  3. Loved that movie- esp. the "squirrel" part!