Sunday, September 20, 2009

before & after: headboard

You're going to love this.

Lovely friend A has been itching to get a new duvet cover lately. She recently removed her headboard, and she's been trying to come up with a way to freshen up her bedroom.

Here is the before, sans old headboard, with the duvet cover she wanted to replace.

She found some pretty, peel-and-stick floral wall decals at Kent this weekend. And rather than investing in a new duvet cover, she simply removed it. She added a soft throw that used to be on a chair in her living room, et voila:

Quite a transformation for just $20! Looks great, A — good choice!

Next stop, Fabricville, to dream up some coordinating accents!


  1. This is unbelieveable!! I would've never thought of doing anything like this... and it looks beautiful!!!

  2. Oh! Love it! Nice job, A -- those stickers are gorgey.

  3. pretty! what a big change for just $20!