Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the reveal you've been waiting for

The suspense has been killing you, hasn't it? 

Sister-in-law C had a great idea for a makeover project and I was thrilled to help out.

The before:

For the record, Wally is a cat, not a child.

C's problems? She was tired of looking at the same old table, and the light fabric of the seats had become stained over the years. The whole set was cramping her style, but she didn't want to buy new.

First, she wanted to cover the chairs. Without any fabric stores in her small town, she opted for a cranberry red twin flat sheet from Walmart for $8.

There's still more than half the sheet left for some future projects, but those are for us to know and you to find out. Muuhahahaha.

Much better.

Then C and brother-in-law B set to work sanding the faux wood top of the table.

That's right. Totally too lazy to flip this photo.

And then they gave it a few coats of paint. 

Et voila — the after:

Scroll back up and look at the before. What a difference. And all for less than $20! Well done, C!


  1. Wow!! A veritable Cinderella story.

  2. Oooh! It looks terrific. Great job, C!

  3. This table looks amazing! Great Job!!! You guys are so talented. And I'm glad to finally know what the project was!