Wednesday, July 8, 2009

in need of a nook

I am in search of the perfect reading situation. When Husband and I are out and about shopping, I'll often flop into whatever chair or lounger that's on display and give it a test. It has to be cozy, yet not too soft. It would have to match our decor and fit into our space (and space is certainly at a minimum), and be relatively affordable. 

Incase you're keeping track, our dream house requires a reading nook.

And while this doesn't look exactly comfy, I love the quote.

Where do you love to relax with a good book?


  1. On my deck, at home in East Bay on a lounger chair. That's where I like to relax with a good book.

  2. I like to read on my porch, especially if it's sunny. And I don't have to listen to you know whose TV! :)

  3. I sit on the couch, wedged into the corner, but I would also like a proper reading nook.