Monday, July 27, 2009

couldn't believe my eyes

Do you want to hear a crazy story? You there, in the back row. Did you raise your hand? Yes? Good. You're in for a doozey.

So I was sitting on the couch early Saturday morning, in the throws of my blog makeover and a piping hot cup of coffee, when I heard a scratching noise. I looked up just in time to see a blur pass by the patio door. My heart immediately started thumping, because incase you don't know, we live on the fifth floor. That means that the blur came from six storeys up. I tentatively peered out the patio window to see exactly what I suspected — a little kitty on the ground, cautiously licking itself, and pretty bewildered.

Knowing what I needed to do, I ran upstairs and knocked at the apartment above. It was early and the residents were still asleep, but when I told them the horrifying news, they reacted just as I would have, with exclamations of terror. They quickly went to retrieve her and I returned to my apartment to allow them to deal with the situation, but I kept thinking about the poor kitty.

But earlier this evening, we got a knock at the door. Wiskers came to visit! She's feeling much better after an overnight stay in the hospital for a punctured lung, and her owners gave me a sweet card of thanks for alerting them that their little dare devil had taken a flying leap. She had somehow made it through the narrow opening of the window and scrambled through the screen.

Though we were careful before, this scary situation has made us especially cautious and make sure that all of our windows are closed tight unless we're in the room to supervise. And we're wishing Wiskers a speedy recovery!


  1. So glad to hear that everything turned out OK! Poor kitty.

    I saw a YouTube video once where a cat fell out of an apartment window, and sort of flattened itself out in midair to slow it down. I bet this kitty did that, too, as an instinct.

  2. Wow! Lindsey!!! Good for you! I can't belive you noticed that. You saved the day!

    Have a great vacation. I'm going to miss your blogs while you're gone. Send me a private message to fill me in on your holiday plans :)


  3. that is amazing you found the cat's :)

    Gussy always loves a good story.