Monday, July 20, 2009

our amazing 2009 to-dos

Back in February, when I first started blogging, Husband and I cooked up a list of the things we want to do before the end of the year. And as you may have noticed, if you've been here for the long haul, we're not really getting anywhere with our tasks. So, we took our our erasers and made some edits. There are actually more items than there were before, so we're not trying to take the easy way out. Here's what we've decided:

Make our own sushi: This one's staying on our list. Husband is a bit of a picky eater, so I was so thrilled when he was willing to try sushi last year, and he loved it! I must also mention that I am a vegetarian and neither of us are seafood lovers, so we only eat veggie sushi. Going out for sushi or buying it in the store is a bit of a treat for us, so we're going to attempt to diy.

Read the same book: If we actually get some decent weather for camping and beach days, we'll get this done. Or we may just wait until it starts snowing so we can cozy up with two copies of a good book. It'll be like our own mini book club!

Golf together at least four times: Well, Husband has this one taken care of, minus me. He loves golf. LOVES it. And like I said before, I strongly like golf. I haven't said the L word to golf yet. But we are definitely in like. So, basically there are other things I'd sometimes rather do. But I really want to learn and get better, so this is saying on the list.

Go camping at least twice: This one already gets a 50% check and we've got another outing planned soon.

Get a Wii We changed our minds on this one. We're more board game, card playing people. We don't think it's worth the money for us personally.

Paint another room We also decided against another paint job. In our apartment building, you have to paint it back to plain, old ivory when you move out, or they take some $$ from your damage deposit, so it's not worth it, considering we have no idea how long we'll be living in our apartment.

Sleep in all day: We don't sleep in. Ever. It's not that we necessarily want to sleep all day, but we want to have a completely free day when we can spend the whole day in bed, watching movies, reading good books and trying not to drop crumbs while we also snack there. Husband doesn't think I have the ability to do nothing for a whole day. Sounds like a challenge to me. *Update: I will do this. I swear.

Pull an all-nighter: I'm just realizing that this probably sounds super lame. What kind of 25-year-olds need to put an all-nighter on a to-do list?

Go hiking: Our fair province is filled with beautiful, scenic trails. We've been to Long Lake and Blomidon Provincial Park already this summer. Hopefully we'll hit a few more.

Try kayaking: This is still a must and we have tentative plans to venture out with friends S & N next month. Can't wait!

Spend a day on the Common: After they clean up the muddy mess following the weekend's rainy KISS concert, we're going to take all of our sports equipment and a picnic lunch and spend an afternoon.

Take in a movie at the alFresco filmFesto: A great Halifax event, this is a fest of weekly outdoor movies on the waterfront. Spectators bring their own chairs and enjoy a flick under the stars for $5. We hope to catch The Breakfast Club or Pulp Fiction.

Go to Shakespeare By The Sea: I saw two of these amazing outdoor performances last summer — A Midsummer Night's Dream and Othello — and can't wait to take Husband for his first time this year. We'll be seeing Love's Labour's Lost.

Go back to Ingonish for our anniversary We do love Cape Breton — our honeymoon on the Cabot Trail was amazing, but we've decided to try something new this year. We're going Tidal Bore Rafting for our anniversary! Hang on to your lifejacket, Husband!


  1. How neat to have a to do list of goals for the year. I'm almost afraid to make a list, it would be too long! I have some of the same wishes though as far as trying kayaking and doing some hiking.

  2. I enjoy your comment about pulling an all nighter, so true, and so NOT us.


  3. Yay Tidal Bore Rafting!!!