Wednesday, February 18, 2009

stitch 'n' bitch

I am tres excited today!

I have a tradition with my good friend, HH. She and I have a wish-it-were-weekly stitch 'n' bitch date. We meet up after work and usually hit Michaels or Fabricville and spend the evening crafting and gabbing. I look forward to these evening so much because it gives me the perfect excuse to put time into unfinished projects and, more importantly, gives me the time to catch up with my lovely friend.

She's one of the craftiest people I know. She has an entire closet devoted to every supply you can imagine — decorative ribbon, felt, paint, buttons, pins, pretty paper, fabric, stickers, the list goes on. So when I told her about my kijiji chair, and my options to paint or upholster, she jumped at the chance to help me cover it. 

I also stumbled upon these cute bags recently, and she's going to help me figure out a pattern:

Aren't they cute? And just think, in these difficult economic times, how much money we can save by doing it ourselves!


  1. Can't wait for you to post the pics of the chair!

  2. Oh man.. I wish I could stitch n' bitch with you!