Friday, February 13, 2009

it's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do

As apartment dwellers, husband and I are limited to the home improvement projects we can take on. There's nothing wrong with the way our apartment looks, but we recently decided that we'd stay in our current home for a few years, since the rent is quite low, in order to save money for a house.

Since we've only lived together for four months (since our wedding), we're having a lot of fun doing little domestic projects together. About a month ago, we started this home-improvement spree with a coat of paint on our bathroom — we figured if we screwed it up that bad, it would be the smallest room to have to re-paint.

Here is the before (with all of the decor already stored):

And here is the after:

Since Husband happened to do most of the work on our inaugural paint job, I was pleasantly surprised when he allowed me to linger in the paint chip section of Canadian Tire last night. "I think we need to paint our bedroom," he said completely voluntarily. I was shocked. And now my mind is racing — oh, the possibilities!

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