Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goal: Make things prettier

I recently discovered the wonder that is Contact paper. As an apartment-dweller, it isn't always worthwhile or economical to make costly changes to perk up the space around me, but I've been trying hard to make the most of our newlywed love nest. 

That said, we'd been having some issues with our kitchen cupboards. The apartment-building-issued paint is clearly not high-end, and we sometimes notice little bits of paint sticking to the bottom our dishes. The solution: Contact paper. Rather than putting the money into a nicer quality (and colour — glossy white doesn't do it for me), I decided to cover it up. And what a difference! 

Now, I'm trying to think of other fun things I could do with contact paper, like line the insides of bare drawers and spruce up the back panel of a bookshelf. But where can you buy prettier versions of Contact paper? I got a speckled beige pattern for the kitchen, but I'm hoping for something a little more like this:

1 comment:

  1. so funny... i just put that EXACT contact paper in my bathroom drawers and then (since it was so cute) in my linen closet!