Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a little mid-week roundup

  • I am super stunned this week with a cold that just won't quit. I was super tempted to call in sick yesterday and stay home with my boys on their snow day, but I powered through. I have a slightly irrational guilt complex when it comes to calling in sick. I am, however, entirely rational in knowing that the place wouldn't come close to falling apart without me.
  • I've just charged my Kobo for the first time in many months and bought a copy of The Night Circus. It's our next LitWits book club selection. We've decided to try something new; each member is picking a book and she will lead the group discussion on her choice. The upcoming roster is an exciting mix of new books and classics. I picked The Happiness Project, a book that I've yet to read, but I've heard good things.
  • I hosted two very fun baby showers over the past couple weeks, for sister-in-law C who is giving us a new nephew, and for lovely friend H who is sharing a sweet little girl, both due in April. I am so excited for them both and can't wait to snuggle their little babies. 
  • Since it's a leap year, we get to celebrate Ayyam-i-ha for an extra day this year, so we're enjoying some special family time, a decorated house and Husband and I are going ... wait for it ... on a date tomorrow. Plus, we get to continue the fun with family in Cape Breton over March Break.
What's new and exciting in your world?


  1. I read The Night Circus recently on the recommendation of a friend and really liked it! It's a little outside of my typical literary selections, but it was so good. My friend made one very good suggestion: pay attention to the dates at the beginning of each chapter, they will help keep you on track.

  2. Wow! You've been very busy lately. I'm glad you were able to accomplish doing so much in just a few weeks.