Wednesday, February 22, 2012

getting off my butt

So, I'm taking part in a Biggest Loser competition in my office. A simple premise: half the winnings go to the biggest loser (duh) and the second half goes to the person who loses weight on the most number of weeks. The thing is, I use the words "taking part" loosely, as I am not really "trying." I use the competition as my motivation to stay on track with appropriate eating habits (and it helps), but I have yet to carve extra time out of my busy working-mum schedule for designated exercise like running or going to the gym. I should note, too, that I'm in awe of some of my co-workers and their impressive results to-date.

Hoisting a 27ish-lb. toddler around has to count for something, though, right? I can say that my upper body strength is the best it's probably ever been, thanks to our growing boy. But certainly, that isn't enough. And honestly, when I do have time to myself, I tend to want to spend it cooking, crafting or just relaxing. Yoga is definitely on my list of to-dos, and I'm hoping to sign up for a regular class soon and make practices a regular part of my routine again. Tell me, Mamas, do you have specific exercise that you accomplish each week? How do you make it work?

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