Wednesday, March 7, 2012

and the final rose goes to ...

On The Bachelor, a rose is given to the women he could really see himself spending the rest of his life with. What six things in your life would you like to give a rose to and why? 

Given that I could give roses to all of my favourite people, I've decided to approach this question from an entirely materialistic angle ... the six products, gadgets, conveniences, and worldly possessions I consider must-haves.

1) Our humble little abode. This is a big-ticket item, but it's something I couldn't give up. It's a warm happy place to raise my family, not to mention all of the projects we've been doing to make it our own. I'm very attached.

2) My cellphone. When it goes dead, I feel lost. I don't like the feeling of missing a call or not being able to get in touch with someone, if needed. It feels crazy to say, considering I didn't have a cellphone just 10 years ago.

3) My MacBook. A place to write; upload, store and edit photos; access the world. It's my go-to for phone numbers, addresses, recipes, definitions, and news. Plus, how else would I write these stimulating blogs? Ha.

4) Mr. Singer. I put that bad boy to good use this week, making curtains for my nephew-to-be's nursery, and I've got a list of other projects in the works.

5) Kitchen must-haves. This isn't limited to one. I have so many tools that I use nearly daily, including my Pampered Chef manual food processor, my Hamilton Beech programmable slow cooker, and my drawer of favourite tools, like PC bamboo spoons, rubber scrapers and spatulas.

6) Coffee. This is beyond trivial, but I love having a delicious, hot cup of coffee. I love the taste, the comfort, the social aspect of enjoying coffee and conversation with others.

What are your daily must-haves?

P.S. I strongly supported team Kacie B. until she came back for closure and pulled the don't-pick-Courtney stunt. Guess what KB, it's not your choice any more. Move on. Now that the choice are limited, Lindzi for the win. 

Thanks, as always, to Mama Kat for the writer's prompt.

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