Sunday, August 1, 2010

lazy lounging

You might have noticed my hiatus. I am on vacation and between a whole lot of laying by the pool and lounging by the lake, I had every intention of writing some new and wonderful posts. But three days in, and it doesn't seem like the creative juices are really flowing, so when I return to real life in a week's time, I promise to fill you in on a few big things — specifically 1) nursery progress; 2) a couple pretty amazing baby showers; 3) a few DIY projects; and 4) a name for Baby B!


  1. Well Mrs Bunin you are looking positively radiant! Pregnancy definitely agrees with you! And I also have to admit to being a bit of a Facebook and blog creeper, I keep up with your blog regularly and same with your Facebook, though the miles are pretty big between us I still think of you often and wish you and your hubby all the best with all in life and the new babe.
    Love Ya
    M(K)B Friend since Kindergarten! lol

  2. Oh MKB! Thanks so much for the comment! I must send you a proper message! I had a crazy dream about you last week! I think about you all the time too :) xoxo