Wednesday, August 11, 2010

showered with love

Our little growing family has been spoiled rotten over the past month with two amazing baby showers — one with Husband's side of the family in Cape Breton and one with my side of the family in New Brunswick. A huge thank you goes out for all of the hard work, generosity and love!

Yes, I was the slowest at the blindfolded diapering game.

Laughing at the pee pee teepees sent from lovely friends A & J.

The delicious snacks prepared by my lovely Mum and Grammie.

Ridiculously cute favours.

As lovely cousin M pointed out, baby's first fashion faux pas! So cute!


  1. I've been gone so long... and I owe you belated congrats!!! Your shower looks like it was fabulous. You look wonderful... and that food spread is making my tummy rumble!

  2. My nephew has the same blue crocs.
    I am not a fan but they look adorable on babies, I think.