Saturday, April 17, 2010

colour dilemma

What do you do with pink kitchen countertops? It really isn't as tacky as it sounds. Here's what I mean:

This is the kitchen in our new apartment. Do you love it as much as I do? If you've ever been in our current kitchen, I think you understand why I'm swooning. The only real drawback, however, is the dusty rose counter. More specifically, the biggest inconvenience is that my kitchen is currently decorated with dark red accents. Not a good combo. So I have to re-think how our existing decor is going to work in our new place.

Here are the pieces to the puzzle:

This photo shows the framed art with the red star on the wall, our very red toaster, and you can sort of see the trivet mounted above the stove with red cherries on it.

Then there's the B that once was brown and then became red and now must change again:

Now that I have to stash all of the red, what would be a nice accent colour for the new kitchen? I was thinking chocolate brown, but all of our countertop appliances are black and stainless steel. See my dilemma?


  1. love the cupboards! you could probably work with green...a sagey or mossy green would be opposite dusty pink on the colour wheel. you could also maybe try a shade of gray, or a taupe?

  2. I agree with the green! I also laughed out loud quite a bit after seeing that hot chocolate explosion again haha

  3. I also forgot how much I LOVE your apt :)

  4. Beautiful kitchen. I see your dilemma but I'm not one who knows anything about decorating and color matching.

  5. I think your idea of brown could work well. My other suggestion is to not put any of your "countertop" appliances on the counter (toaster, etc). Stash them under the counter until you need them and then put them back under when your done using them. It makes the counter look cleaner and you don't have to worry about them matching your decor. Now that you have more cupboard space you should be able to do this..