Monday, April 26, 2010

not me monday: banana bread edition

— I was not too lazy to mash the bananas by hand for the banana bread I was making last week. I didn't just stick them in the Magic bullet and puree them to a liquid.

— I did not start making banana bread with the thought that it would be a healthy snack for my baby-growing belly, and then end up peppering it with mini chocolate chips.

— I have not already packed pretty much everything but our toothbrushes in our current apartment, even though moving day is still four sleeps away. As a result, I did not make the banana bread batter and then find myself without a bread pan.

— The fact that this once-healthy banana bread snack turned into a chocolatey banana cake does not mean that I eat much bigger servings with plate and a fork. I have lots of self control, and it really doesn't taste that delicious anyway.

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